We're heading into the weekend, so it's time for our weekly look at some of the things we've discovered online while prepping for The Riley & Scot Show.

Let's get clicking:


Hey Riley, you're saying...ever find anything cool involving wombats? Why, yes.

Got great resolution on your monitor? Put it to good use.

Try feeling the same way about your house after looking at these.

Faith in humanity restored.

Wait a second...I thought we were whale watching.

Sure, it's a rustbucket, but it's got real potential.

You're gonna need a bigger boat. No, I'm kidding. This should be big enough.

Everybody has wanted a "do-over." This artist took one on his childhood artwork.

Maybe you're tired of your workplace. Okay, here's what others are doing at theirs.

Love chocolate? Love bathrooms? Well, come on in here!


Let's go out on this guy. This week's Luckiest Man on Earth:

I wonder how eager the gecko is to sell motorcycle insurance to that dude.



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