There have been a couple of times that my phone number found its way to someone I would have preferred not have it. All I ended up doing was changing my number. For Senator Lindsey Graham, that is just not enough, apparently.

From Fox News:

The South Carolina senator and GOP presidential candidate responded Wednesday to Donald Trump giving out his personal phone number with a dramatic one-minute video, titled, “How to destroy your cell phone with Lindsey Graham.” As the title implies, the video shows the senator mercilessly destroying a phone.

Sorry, I guess I should have prefaced that paragraph with "Spoiler Alert."

The video is the latest smack in the long-distance spat between Graham and Trump. A day earlier, Trump swiped at Graham by his reading his phone number to supporters at a South Carolina rally. That was after Graham called him a "jackass."  

No word if Trump will respond by buying an entire cellphone factory and then having it razed.

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