Lindsey Graham Destroys Phone Thanks to Trump
There have been a couple of times that my phone number found its way to someone I would have preferred not have it. All I ended up doing was changing my number. For Senator Lindsey Graham, that is just not enough, apparently.
From Fox News:
The South Carolina senator and GOP presidential candidate res…
After the Masters, How About Some Trick Shots?
After all the pomp and circumstance that make up The Masters golf tournament, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some really cool trick shots and goofiness, courtesy of the guys at Dude Perfect.
Trying some of these things will get you kicked off of most golf courses...
It’s Friday, Hit the Links!
We're heading into the weekend, so it's time for our weekly look at some of the things we've discovered online while prepping for The Riley & Scot Show.
Let's get clicking:
Hey Riley, you're saying...ever find anything cool involving wombats? Why, ye...