It's been a couple of weeks, but the link list returns today. For those unfamiliar, I try to post some links to interesting things (at least I found them to be) that we just couldn't get to on The Riley & Scot Show. Some are too visual for radio, some too lengthy, and with some, we simply ran out of time.

Let's get clicking:


I like gadgets. I love some of these gadgets.

Let's have a laugh or two at other people's expense.

Well, you certainly don't see that everyday.

Feeling hungry? I mean, record-setting hungry?

I don't really like flying. This, however, could change my mind for me.

Dude, you were so close.

This guy has saved more than 2 million lives.

I love a good prank. Here are several.

Let's go out on something heartwarming.

Nah, I lied. Let's go out on something startling. At least for the cameraman.

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