Finally, not a minute too soon, it's Friday!

Time to take a look at some of the things we've found (but, for varying reasons, couldn't use) online while researching topics on The Riley & Scot Show. On with the links:


Ever sing a song lyric and had others laugh at you? Me too. (Some lyrics NSFW)

Housecleaning? Sure...I do my part...well, now I will.

Getting to know Hong Kong, from the top down.

Want to be a doctor when you grow up? You get to deal with things like these.

Time to get all spacy on you.

I love when historical photos are colorized.

Like a good burger? Get your wallet out.

Thinking of giving up? These folks didn't, and look what happened.

Let's go out on something educational. I would've done better in physics if this guy had taught me:


Have a great weekend.


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