A weekly (or sometimes monthly, depending on how lazy I am about it) look at some of the things found (but not used) while researching topics and guests for The Riley & Scot Show. Most of these were just a bit too visual for a morning radio show, but I think they're too good not to share with you. To the links!


For all the Swedes and Norwegians out there, make a run for the border!

I'm a sucker for a batch of really cool historical photos.

Why so serious? Even the military takes time for fun.

There are "fixer-uppers," and there are places like these.

I've always wanted to be able to do this. Not really, but it's still cool.

Very clever, sir. Luckily, she said yes.

Yeah, you're right, couches and chairs are soooo five minutes ago.

They say these are the world's scariest jobs.

Speaking of jobs, you might not want to make a work mistake that lands you in a video like this:


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