It's been a couple of weeks, so the links are piling up. For those new to this space, from time to time I try to post some links to interesting or fun (or goofy) things I've found online while researching some of the things we discuss on The Riley & Scot Show. We didn't get to these items for varying reasons, mostly because they're a bit more visual. To the links!


Life has lots of ups and downs.

Your amuses me.

Do we want, love, and crave free WiFi? Why, yes. Yes we do.

Some Apollo mission photos you may not have seen.

Very punny. Very punny indeed.

I did not know that.

Um, your Halloween cat keeps staring at me.

You might want some of these things...others, not so much.

Wow, that was really just too close.

Other than being a burglar, this is your only chance to see inside a $95 million condo.


Let's go out on Jack Nicklaus showing us all how it's done:



And that's how it's done. Have a great weekend.

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