Nope, sorry. This isn't about golf links (although Rockford's current weather is golf utopia).

This is our weekly roundup of all the things I've found (but for various reasons, couldn't use on The Riley & Scot Show) online over the past few days. Funny, touching, goofy, stupid, and anywhere in-between, here are this week's links:


I think you'll agree that sometimes the unexpected happens.

Who's up for some serious irony?

For those who derive great pleasure in saying: I didn't know that!

Here's a bunch of stuff that I want nothing to do with.

Okay, your day is about to get a little weirder.

Maybe we're getting a bit too educational here.

Maybe this kid should re-think being a bully.

C'mon, smile. What could it hurt?

If we were to employ all these ideas, life would be much smoother.

Let's take that last link a little bit farther...


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