Love to wrap up the week by featuring links to some of the things we found, but for what ever reason, couldn't use or get to on The Riley & Scot Show.


Here's this week's list o' links:


Here's a nice look at some stuff your kids just wouldn't understand.

Remember when you were a kid, and you could call for a do-over?

Nice timing, dog. Nice timing.

Men so tough, death only slowed them down. A little.

Paging Dr. Science...

Hey, don't tell me what not to do.

Really? You broke up because why?

Lots of things can be fixed, stupid is not one of those things.


And finally, earlier this week we covered the Taco John's free burrito giveaway, and included in the post a video of hamsters enjoying burritos. Now, those wacky hamsters are back to take on the world of competitive eating:

Have a great weekend.

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