Our weekly look at some of the stuff we encounter each week while gathering news and information. These links don't necessarily make it on the air on the The Riley & Scot Show, but they're too good not to share.

Let's get to the time-wasting, shall we?


You've got to ask yourself one question...do you feel lucky?

For those who may be thinking the previous entry can't possibly be true...

Want to sound smarter around your friends? Of course you do.

Let me show you how the world works. I'll take it nice and slow.

Life is full of really sweet moments.

An interesting look at the USA using maps with a twist.

You're not the only one wasting time here...

I thought these WWII photos were pretty amazing.

It's official: sandcastles are so five-minutes-ago.

Let's close out by explaining life...in graph form.

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