Time once again for something that's taken on a life of it's own...Time Wasters!

Actually, I do the time wasting for you. The following links are all things that I've discovered while looking for more serious and topical matters for "The Riley & Scot Show." They might not work for the radio show, but they'll certainly give you a nice distraction from your day's tasks. Let's get to 'em:

My son Spencer found this one and shared it with me. I tweeted it out earlier in the week, but it's too joyful not to offer it up again.

Ah, children! They give you so much.

There are ninjas...then, there are dancing ninjas!

For those who think the NFL and UFC are just too tame...

I'm sure this was NOT endorsed by the Australian Board of Tourism. Yep, positive.

Just watching TV, what's so strange about that?

You've heard the old joke about why divorce is so expensive...but this expensive?

Firefighters are awesome.

In my day, we just asked. Today, one must be more creative at prom time.

Tired of hearing others speaking loudly on their cell phone in public? Thought so.

More time wasters next week...

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