It's that time again. Time to share some of the stuff we've found on the net over the last week that didn't make it on to the Riley and Scot Show. We spend hour after hour online, and for various reasons, we couldn't work some of the following links into the show.

Let's have at it:


Face it, not everything in life is black and white.

Oh, yeah. I think you nailed it.

Got a problem, just improvise.

If you've ever said, "I didn't know that about women!" this is for you.

Let's get in touch with our feelings. These should do the trick.

Finally, some gratitude from the animal kingdom.

Feeling a bit claustrophobic? This won't help at all.

Are you a germaphobe? After this, you might be.

Trying out a new diet. Yeah, the Sumo diet.

Thought we'd go out on two really nice items. Here's one.

And, here's the other:

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