After a short break from our weekly time-waster column, I'm back at it again. As I've pointed out before in this space, Scot and I both spend lots and lots of time online looking for information and stories on a myriad of topics for "The Riley & Scot Show." In the course of our searching we come across lots of things that are really cool and/or interesting, but just aren't quite right for a news/talk radio show. Sometimes it's the subject matter, sometimes we find things that are much better when viewed than heard, and occasionally, we just run out of time and can't get to them.

With all that being said, let's get to this week's time-wasters!

Uh, oh. The food police are here. They have a search warrant for your condiments.

Here's some dating advice you probably won't read in this month's Cosmo.

Think your living space is a bit small? So does this group.

Get your vintage credit cards out, because you'll want some of these vintage items.

Are you a big animal lover? I mean a BIG ANIMAL lover?

The next time you're eating a sandwich over your kitchen sink, pretend you're here.

There's the construction business, and of course, the destruction business.

I've got to believe that TV ratings for golf would go way up with more of this action.

It was very nice to have met you. Here's my card.

And, one more time-waster.

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