In 1975, there was some excitement brewing in our house. We were getting a new TV, right before the Super Bowl. My dad, who had grown tired of our 19-inch, (semi) color TV that had a vertical hold problem, had decided it was time for a 21-inch color console TV. That's right, we were about to experience the joys of 21 inches of diagonal viewing. It was around that time the TV remote control was starting to catch on, and in all the excitement of our technical upgrading, I asked my dad about a remote for our new TV. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "You're the remote."

And, I was the remote. Volume adjustment and channel changing was my job if I happened to be in the room...or within shouting distance. And you know what? I was cool with that because we had this new 21 diagonal inch, state of the art beauty.

If you had told 12 year old me that someday I would have a 60-inch, high definition, "smart" TV with surround sound...well, I would've asked how you got in our family room, then I would've wanted to know what all that stuff you just said meant.

If you had shown me what Microsoft and the NFL had in mind for fans of the (near) future, to be honest, my head probably would have exploded.

Take a look: