It's already in Illinois (Chicago, for now), and it may not be long before Amazon Prime members in Rockford can be on the receiving end of a "trunk delivery."

The in-car delivery effort is part of Amazon’s drive to leave packages where they cannot be easily stolen by those marauding package thieves known as "porch pirates."  Since 2011, Amazon has offered secure lockers for urban customers, now they're going a step further by placing your packages in the trunk of your car.

From Reuters:

The in-car service builds on an effort Amazon launched last fall called Amazon Key. That system uses a $220 combination of an internet-connected door lock and camera to allow Amazon delivery drivers to place packages inside the homes of members of Amazon Prime. By contrast, the in-car delivery service is free for Prime members. It's being offered in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Nashville, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C. and other areas.

The Amazon delivery service taps into the car’s built-in unlock feature without ever giving the delivery person a pass code or other permanent access to the car.

Amazon cannot see or track the customer’s car; instead, the customer gives Amazon an address where the car will be parked and publicly accessible, along with the make, model, color and license plate number to help the delivery person find the right car. Customers also get several reminders on their phones before, during and after the packages are delivered.


It's gotta be cheaper than the guard I've hired to sit on the front porch.

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