I love my smartphone. If you have one, you probably do too. Sales figures show that the entire world feels that way, with the number of people who own them growing by leaps and bounds. I saw an commercial the other day pitching the latest technology with a shatter-proof screen (having had that happen, I appreciate the tech). We're told that 3D screens will be standard soon, along with many other bells and whistles to come.

One of the reasons I love my smartphone so much is that I remember when we didn't have them. My memory takes me back to touch-tone dialing, and beyond. That's right, when you actually had to "dial" a phone. As a kid, we had one phone. One. It was in the kitchen, and it was a clunky, off-white monstrosity with an exceedingly short cord. If you wanted to talk on the phone, you stood in the kitchen. Selfies, online media, social media, GPS, etc., weren't even words then.

Our idea of a breakthrough was this (hat tip to Captain Bijou):

Wow, a phone in the bedroom? That's just crazy enough to work!