That was the question my 24 year old son Spencer asked me yesterday as he looked at some really cool video of a new type of wall-climbing called "Augmented Climbing."

Take a look:


For those who'd like to see video-game players get some more exercise, look no further than Augmented Climbing.

I asked my aforementioned son if he thought that this sort of thing would grab the attention (and wallet contents) of the Rockford area, and his answer was a resounding yes.

"This has Discovery Center Museum written all over it!" he told me. "Or downtown during the Rockford City Market would be huge!"

So far, the closest place we could find that has Augmented Climbing is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He hasn't started his "we should take a road trip, dad" pitch just yet, but I fear that it's coming.

Maybe I can talk to the bosses around here to see if we can put one in our conference room. I mean, come on, these guys have one in their office:

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