I was born in 1963, 37 years before the beginning of the 21st century, and I vividly recall reading about what the future had in store for us. By now, we were supposed to have flying cars. We were also supposed to be sending manned space flights all over our solar system. At home, we were all going to have "The Kitchen of Tomorrow."

Before I was born, in the 1920s, back when my dad was just a kid, there were plenty of ideas on what the future had in store for us. Some of these predictions are wildly off the mark, but others are surprisingly close to things that have actually come to be:

I bring this up because my wife, Amy, is planning a kitchen makeover at this very moment, and I'm worried that she'll insist on dancing throughout the new space while I show up in a tuxedo and tails to set the table. What about my needs? I want that flying car I was promised in 1971.

Okay. That's better.


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