Time to jump into our weekly rundown of the stuff I find while I'm looking for some of the things that Scot and I discuss weekday mornings. Man does not live by news stories, polls, and political topics alone. Hence, the Time Waster.

What would our most famous and recognizable animated characters look like if they were rendered with just a bit more realism? (Popeye is rather disturbing)

Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? You are, hammerhead.

A bunch of beautiful moments. Make sure you see Snow White and a little girl at the end.

Did your dad tell you all of these things? He should have.

You got arrested for what? Really?

Don't you wish you worked in a place like this?

In a battle with furniture, these pets...lose.

Keeping with the pet theme, this dog is NOT allowed on the bed. Right.

Gotta love teachers. Especially those teachers who get the last laugh.

Are ya feeling lucky punk? Not very.

Let's go out on something really cool. Superman with a GoPro camera.

Happy time wasting, and have a great weekend.



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