Michael Jordan made his professional debut in the NBA on October 5th, 1984, in a preseason game at the Peoria Civic Center Arena in front of about 2000 or so fans.

If you'll look closely at the ticket pictured above, you may notice the ticket price near the upper-left corner. That's right, you could have been there watching for $8.00. Some seats actually sold for $6.00.

But, someone just paid $34,800 for a ticket for a game that was played nearly 36 years ago. Bidding started at only $500, with a pre-auction estimate of $2,000.

Michael Jordan-related memorabilia has always been hot, but with the airing of ESPN's "Last Dance" documentary on the Bulls and Jordan, demand and prices have skyrocketed.

Heritage Auctions, a Dallas-based firm, conducted the sale.

“This is the first example of this ticket stub to make it to auction, and I suspect there aren’t too many 36-year-old preseason ticket stubs around,” Heritage representative Chris Ivy said. “So it’s safe to say that this is a rare collectible.”

Bidding began at $500. The original estimate was $2,000, according to Heritage sports-production manager and auctioneer Mike Provenzale.

The stub received 31 total bids, Provenzale stated in an email. A few days before the auction ended, the top bid was $950.

But action skyrocketed May 8, the day bidding closed and moved into a subsequent extended bidding period.

This clip is of Mike's regular-season NBA home debut, with a slightly higher ticket price:

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