Your answer to the question posed in the title is probably no, but there are some people out there that really want to get close to greatness.

Jordan's "definite sue" underwear is currently up for auction on the Lelands website.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

As you can see, the bidding opened at 500 bucks but has shot up to 1300 dollars. How do you know it's legit? Lelands has you covered.

Lelands - Unusual item shows definite use as this pair of underwear/compression shorts was worn by Michael Jordan with some loose threads evident at the seams. Orginiating from a family member of MJ's "Last Dance" security guard John Michael Wozniak, it even has a dry cleaning tag inside with the last name "Wozniak" as well as a tag that says Michael Jordan, with the iconic last name on the waistband. About as close to greatness as one can get, this is just one of the many items in this auction that were given to Wozniak from MJ himself including suits, ties, belts, and jackets.

If you watched The Last Dance and the name John Wozniak sounds familiar, it should. Wozniak was half of one of the best scenes in the entire documentary. The wild haired Bulls security guard won money off of MJ in a contest of who could throw a quarter the closest to the wall and then hit Jordan with the iconic shoulder shrug. It was amazing.

Of course this guy has a pair of Michael's drawers.

Two details that I absolutely love from the description on the website is that they have "definitely" been used. It explains that it is because of the loose threads but at first reading it sounds like they're inferring that they are soiled. They definitely are not because it then adds my second favorite part, the fact that it comes with a dry cleaning tag. That's an echelon of wealth I would love to be in where you get your underwear dry cleaned. Sounds like luxury.

If underwear is too personal for you, but you still want something that Jordan possibly sweat in, you could always big on these t-shirts. The winning bid for those currently sit at $500.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

Good for Wozniak but still, gross.

P.S. If you buy these you obviously try them on right? Just see how they fit? They probably fit so good you just throw them into your regular rotation.

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