Mike has conquered basketball, played some baseball, owns his own NBA team, and is a billionaire, too. Now he's giving blue marlins the same treatment he gave Craig Ehlo.

To be fair, he didn't sail into Chicago's Burnham Harbor with Craig Ehlo hanging off the side of his boat with a hook in his mouth, but that's probably because Jordan didn't own a boat back when he was gutting defenders like fish.

Now, not only does he have a boat (actually, we should go with "yacht," not boat. Jordan's "Catch 23" is an $8 million, 80-footer), but he got a pretty spectacular catch to go along with it.

A 442 pound blue marlin.

Not surprisingly, Jordan doesn’t sound satisfied with the catch. The fish was the fifth-largest of the tournament since it began on Monday and wasn’t eligible for top-three prize money in the $3.3 million tournament that also pays prizes for wahoo, tuna and dolphin fish.

It sounds like he’s going back out for more.

“I would love to be back with a little bit bigger fish,” Jordan said, per the Associated Press.

The biggest catch carries with it a $1.1 million top prize. Last year’s winner hauled in a record catch of 914 pounds.

The first boat to haul in a 500-pound marlin receives a $550,000 prize. So far the biggest catch was 494 pounds, according to AP.

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