You need a job done? Let me and my redneck friends do it. Don't believe me? Watch what my people did recently when they were made aware there were invasive and evil carp in an Illinois river. They got it done big time and they did it for a good cause, too.

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I saw this shared by Now This News. It's the Redneck Fishing Tournament in Bath, Illinois. It's a tournament specifically targeting the invasive (and yes evil) carp (recently renamed Copi, but still evil). There's a good reason why you see the fishermen (and fisher-ladies) wearing helmets and protective gear. When scared by boat motors, these carp will literally fly out of the water. You need to see this to believe it.

This Redneck Fishing Tournament even got the attention of Field and Stream. Impressive. The tournament was most excellent on a lot of levels. Participants were encouraged to wear costumes which is not something taken lightly by rednecks like me. The best part is proceeds were raised to help out veterans. America. (*fist pump*)

Field and Stream mentioned that as much as 70% of the fish in the Mississippi River system may be these carp now which is disturbing if accurate.

This is a problem that us rednecks will eventually fix I believe. We see flying fish problems as a challenge. Give us a helmet and a baseball bat and we'll take care of things.

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