Hunting and Fishing In Illinois
Monday was Conservation Day at the Illinois State Fair on Monday and Gov. Bruce Rauner used the day to sign into law four bills that will expand hunting and fishing in Illinois.
Think Fishing is Boring? Use a Drone!
In the interests of full disclosure, I have been fishing a total of 3 times. Once, when I was a kid, I badgered my dad into taking me out fishing. We caught, together, a grand total of zero fish, but at least it rained all day, and we got a flat tire coming home.
Kayak Fisherman vs. Shark–Place Your Bets
It's a shark-filled summer so far. Attacks in North Carolina (7 at last count), paddleboarders being harassed by great whites in California, and now, Captain Ben Chancey, off the coast of Stuart, Florida, doing battle from his kayak.
As I started to watch the video, my first thought was, &qu…
Ice Fishermen Catch a Monster Fish
I've never been ice fishing. I was invited once, but unfortunately (at least that's what I told my fishing friend), I couldn't make it.
See, I was under the impression you just sat around in a shack on a frozen lake, staring at each other and drinking lots of beers...

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