Okay, so you're (arguably) the greatest basketball player of all-time, a highly successful business man, and a billionaire. What do you do to one-up the rest of humanity? 

In Michael Jordan's case, you open up your own super-exclusive golf club in Hobe Sound, Florida. It's called The Grove XXIII, and this place comes with some serious perks for those well-heeled enough to find themselves there with a golf club in their hands.

For Michael himself, this course seems to fit him perfectly. PGA golfer Rickie Fowler says that Michael Jordan plays the course so well that it's gotten a new nickname: "Slaughterhouse 23."

With the amenities offered at The Grove XXIII, getting your clock cleaned by Jordan should be far more tolerable. Who wouldn't love something like this when you're parched and in need of liquid refreshments:

Okay, so maybe you're not ready for the next round of beers and you just want a snack. They've got you covered there, too.

If you thought the technological innovations at Michael's course stop there, you probably haven't heard that in addition to food and beverage delivery via drones, Michael had the golf course mechanics do some work on the golf carts at The Grove XXIII, making them capable of speeds up to 35mph. Throw in scooter caddies, and you've got a high-tech playground for the golfing elite.

Now if we can just get Mike to open up another course a bit closer to the Rockford area...


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