Another Day, Another Use for a Drone
Yesterday in this space, I shared a video of a guy named Farmer Derek, who decided it might be fun to use his drone to do a little fishing in his farm pond (click here to see what happened). Today, a new drone, and a new use.
Think Fishing is Boring? Use a Drone!
In the interests of full disclosure, I have been fishing a total of 3 times. Once, when I was a kid, I badgered my dad into taking me out fishing. We caught, together, a grand total of zero fish, but at least it rained all day, and we got a flat tire coming home.
It’s Just Not Christmas Without Star Wars
Warning: the image above does not contain any Star Wars references. Younger and more sensitive viewers may find this disturbing.
In case you were unaware, the latest Star Wars movie, "The Force Awakens," opens this Friday. I've got no problem admitting to being a fan, and …
Meet the $40K Nano Drone, the Black Hornet
Spend a little time online, and you'll be treated to hundreds of drone-taken videos. The drone is everywhere. Hollywood uses them, architects use them, average, everyday folks have them, and of course, there's the military. The Black Hornet 2 drone, (aka: the PD-100 PRS) is a pretty cool p…
Google Plans Drone Delivery by 2017
Amazon made news by being the first to publicly contemplate delivering packages via drone, but based on Monday's announcement by Google, Amazon may not be the first to implement the idea. Google is hoping to be "up and running" with commercial delivery by 2017...
Drone Beautifully Captures Paddleboarder and Whales
Previously in this space, I've posted different types of drone footage. Video of cities, sporting events, fireworks, and other things. I love that drones can record footage that, in some cases, was impossible to get before.
Jaimen Hudson feels the same way...
Today’s UFOs are Ultralight Flying Objects
I've gotta say, bionic butterflies are much cooler than drones. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty enthralled with the technological progressions we keep seeing in the world of drones, but this, the latest from The Bionic Learning Network, is nothing short of amazing...

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