Yesterday in this space, I shared a video of a guy named Farmer Derek, who decided it might be fun to use his drone to do a little fishing in his farm pond (click here to see what happened). Today, a new drone, and a new use.

I've mentioned before that my wife, Amy, loves to shovel snow. She considers it to be outstanding exercise (for both of us), and refuses to entertain the idea of a snow-blower. Plus, she's not into the noise, the maintenance, and the need to find someplace to store the snowblower when we're not using it. Bottom line, Amy is very agreeable to most of my gadget desires, but not when it comes to a snow blower.

I think, perhaps, I've found a loophole. Around Christmas time, after a few mugs of Swedish Glögg, I got her to agree to a drone. Nothing fancy, just something to fly around and take some video, scare the dog, alarm the neighbors...the usual. I didn't end up buying a drone, but now that I've seen this, I believe I can get two birds with one drone here:

I believe this particular drone cleared the Kessel driveway in less than twelve parsecs. Give or take.