You know things are getting out of hand when it's the city of Chicago that steps in to be the voice of reason.

It was announced Monday morning that the game between the Blackhawks and Calgary Flames scheduled for that night was going to be postponed due to a COVID outbreak on the Calgary team.

6 Flames were out of the lineup with positive COVID tests and surely more players are about to turn up positive as well. The NHL decided that the best move would be to postpone the game so an outbreak doesn't travel across the ice to another team.

The Blackhawks will ostensibly be unaffected and resume play for their next scheduled game Wednesday night.

The NHL knew that COVID would spread fast inside an arena because the evidence of that is currently happening all over the NBA.

Exhibit A: The Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls played the Philadelphia 76ers a few weeks ago right before Philadelphia lost a handful of players to the virus and now the Bulls are getting decimated by the virus.

The Bulls, as of noon on Monday, had ten (10!) players unavailable to play because they were out with the virus.

It left the Bulls with the league minimum of 8 players available to play and the missing players accounted for about 90 points a game.

Competitively Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, shouldn't want his product represented on the court with what is basically a short-handed minor league team. And one could argue that it is unethical to force the players to go to an arena and very possibly pass it on to other players, fans, and staff in attendance.

Anyone with a brain knew that the right thing to do was postpone the game but the league office was completely mum on the whole ordeal.

The Bulls themselves asked the NBA to postpone the games but it too until the Chicago Department of Public Health to step in and ask the league to put a pause on the Bulls season.

In the end the NBA finally made the right decision, even though they probably could have paused the Bulls one or two games ago, but it's unclear why they wouldn't do anything until about 24 hours before the scheduled tip.

As of now, the next Bulls game will be Sunday when they play the Lakers. Bulls-Lakers is a marquee matchup for the league, it will be very interesting to see if capitalism or common sense reign in their decision to play this weekend.

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