It's the first time the marathon has been canceled since 1987.

The marathon wasn't going to be held until October, but event organizers decided on Monday to pull the plug.

TheHill - While we’d hoped to once again line 26.2 miles of our streets this October, the health and safety of everyone participating in and supporting the event is our highest priority.

The last cancellation of the marathon in 1987 was due to lack of sponsors, this time it's a much bigger deal.

Organizers have said that anyone that was registered for the marathon would be eligible for a complete refund or defer their entry fee to the 2021,2022, or 2023 race.

The Chicago marathon joins the New York and Boston marathon in cancelling this year's race.

Organizers also said that they will be working on a virtual experience to honor and reward any runners for their hard work in preparing for this year's race.

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