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By now you may have heard that Rockford's Stroll on State, held on November 26th in downtown Rockford, set a new attendance record of 75,000 people. That's almost 10,000 more people enjoying the night than did last year.

Stroll on State just wrapped up its fourth annual event, and I think that it's safe to say that Stroll just keeps getting more popular. Is next year, the 5th annual, the year we break the 100,000 attendees barrier?

From the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB):

"As we wrap up another record-breaking Stroll on State, our team at RACVB is incredibly inspired by this community and the hard work that so many put in to create this awe-inspiring night. The common theme I've been hearing is that Stroll instills a great sense of love for and pride in our community as well as optimism for the future," said John Groh, RACVB president/CEO. "Stroll is more than just an event - it's a feeling, it's a memorable moment, it's a tradition that our community shares together."

As we've seen so many times, John Groh and the great team at the RACVB go all out on their events and happenings, and it doesn't seem like they're anywhere close to slowing down. To offer some proof of that, the RACVB could have stopped after announcing the attendance figures, but no. They've got an entire infographic that offers up Stroll on State by the numbers:

Infographic courtesy of RACVB

Here's to 100,000 next year!