'That gives us about 15 days to come up with a miracle, whether it's a grant or donations or partners... to keep us open.' 

Brianna has less than two weeks to come up with the $10,000 she needs to keep the doors open at The Midwest Rustic in downtown Rockford, but she has a HUGE amount of support so never say never on that miracle she's hoping for.

The Midwest Rustic is a unique storefront on E. State Street in downtown Rockford. Yes, it's owned by one woman, a single mom, Brianna Zahn, who is quite creative and skilled when it comes to woodworking, but the store is also home to 40 other local artists and small businesses from across the states of Illinois and Wisconsin.


After being laid off in 2020, Brianna opened the store as a means of supporting her family and to give other small business owners a place to share their talents and creativity without having to own an entire store.

I've made more than a few trips to The Midwest Rustic and it's such a blend of inspiration when you walk in the doors. Boutiques like this didn't exist five or ten years ago and knowing how much love and hard work each of these (mostly) women put into their creations, hoping to turn their passion into their profession is pretty impressive.

But, it could all come to an end by the end of the month.

Brianna shared her story on Facebook, that she needed to close the store because she couldn't afford to keep it open.

However... then came in the support. Likes, shares, comments... other businesses creating their own fundraisers to keep the Midwest Rustic Open.

We see you Flower Girls...

...Syngery Collective...

and now Brianna is on a mission to save the store.

I'm feeling very Empire Records writing this... the GoFundMe page is up and running and she's on her way to achieve her goal.

If you'd like to help you an donate here. 

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