Rockford City Market Sets New Attendance Record
It seems that the combination of food, drink, music, friends, and a cool & eclectic vibe is really working for the Rockford City Market, the weekly Friday get-together in Downtown Rockford that just finished its May through September run.
Attendance at Rockford's Sites and Attractions Went Up in 2016
Being big supporters of the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB) as we are around here, we often salute the efforts of the RACVB to market Rockford as a travel destination to people outside our area. According to some new numbers released this week, we have good reason to applaud.
Stroll on State 2016: By-the-Numbers
By now you may have heard that Rockford's Stroll on State, held on November 26th in downtown Rockford, set a new attendance record of 75,000 people. That's almost 10,000 more people enjoying the night than did last year.
Stroll on State Brings 66,000 People Downtown
Just getting back to work after an extended holiday vacation, I've been trying to catch up on some of the things we may have missed at the end of the year.
One of those things is the attendance figures from the third annual Stroll on State, which my family (and thousands of other families) …