Is this the bravest broadcasting performance of the decade? 

Probably not but it is pretty funny.

I felt a little tightness in my quad about 10 minutes before this happened. It full on cramped up right before that time out. The shuffling noise you hear is me trying to unfold my 6'1" 210-pound frame out from under our broadcast table in the middle of the bleachers.

I thought I had it worked out by the time we came back but 10 seconds into the game I started to cramp again and had to unfold my body all over again. I finished the game while standing in the bleachers.

Just a quick reminder that all heroes don't wear capes, sometimes they wear 1440 WROK branded material.

You can listen to Dave Perrone and me throughout the rest of the basketball season on Friday Night Hoops. Our next broadcast will be Friday, January 10 at 7PM. I'll make sure to drink all the proper fluids before we hit the air.

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