You might have forgotten this, but Michael Jordan is still the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

In the video above you can see him chastising and then slapping one of his players, Malik Monk, in the back of the head.

A little bit of backstory on how they got there.

First, Jeremy Lamb hits a jumper to put the Hornets up 2 with .3 seconds to go.

This is after the Hornets went on a 13-0 run to tie the game. Needless to say, the excitement in the arena was high. So high, in fact, that Monk, who was on the bench, ran out on the court to celebrate with his teammates. You can see it in this video that Deadspin dug up.

That resulted in a technical foul. Which meant that the Pistons would get a free throw and if a miracle happened at the buzzer it would cost the Hornets the game instead of sending it to overtime.

All I can say is that Monk is really lucky the Hornets didn't let that one slip away. Jordan is the same guy who punched Steve Freaking Kerr in practice. To say the guy is a little competitive would be a massive understatement. Remember his Hall of Fame speech? He was calling guys out from 20 years ago. Michael Jordan is my favorite basketball player of all time but I also recognize that he's completely insane. I would NOT want to be in his dog house.

One other point has to be that Jordan is the only owner in sports that can get away with this right? Can you imagine Jerry Reinsdorf trying to pull this with Zach Levine? I don't think it would be laughed off.

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