So, you're an angry 18 year old guy with an some sort of ax to grind with society in general. How do you go about assuaging your anger? If you answered "run over police cars and stuff with a stolen bulldozer" you've got a lot in common with an idiot the Kankakee Police Department had to deal with last month.

Yesterday, the Kankakee PD released some dash-cam footage of the August 24th incident involving 18 year old Austin White. White stole a bulldozer from a Meijer store construction site and decided to hit the streets--along with several other things including a police patrol car.

From UPI:

The footage includes several different angles of the chase, including the moment the bulldozer backed over a patrol car as the driving officer fled the vehicle. The video also shows numerous officers chasing the construction vehicle on foot.

White, who police said has never had a driver's license, is being held on at least six felony charges, including attempted murder, criminal damage to property and theft greater than $500.

Take a look at some of the footage:

And this footage is just about as crazy as it gets:

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