I was somewhat worried when I got a look at the video below. I thought, perhaps, that it was my wife Amy finally destroying the washing machine that she hates so much.

Now, before you say "You should get her one that she really likes," keep in mind that Amy picked out the current hated washer. We'd gotten a dozen years or so out of our old washer, but it was beginning to nickel and dime us to death. Problem here, $50. Problem there, another $50, etc.

So, we got ourselves a new "high-tech" washer and dryer set. The new "high-tech" washer has no knobs. It's all touch-screen, computer operated, state-of-the-art technology. In addition to having no knobs, it has no agitator. That's where the problem is. My wife, being "old-school," has yet to buy into the idea that a washer with no agitator can get clothing as clean as the previous agitator-included models did. Having been banned from doing laundry about 25 years ago, I really don't have the knowledge (or desire) to involve myself in this controversy.

I only know that she hates her state-of-the-art washer (for many more reasons than just the agitator), and I believe she may do something desperate at some time in the future.

Like putting a brick in it, and placing it on a trampoline:

Well, if it does happen, at least I have YouTube material.