I'm sure you've had plenty of different burgers in your life.

Whether it be in Rockford, Chicago, the suburbs, or elsewhere, there are good burgers, then there are the iconic and historic.

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Bogdan Kurylo

By definition, "iconic" is relating to or of the nature of an icon and "historic" is famous or important in history.

Long story short, this burger is something that you need to try. Here's the best part, there's a good chance you've never had a burger from this place either.


Primarily because when the talk about the best burgers in Illinois bubbles up, it's not usually in the conversation.

So if you were to eat at this place it would also be considered low-key great along with iconic and historic.

MSN via LoveFood:

Hackney’s on Harms has been serving its self-proclaimed “famous” Hackneyburger since 1939. Customers can request their burger on a bun, but the half-pound (227g) patty of freshly-ground meat is traditionally served on toasted house-made dark rye bread. It’s best enjoyed with a side of Hackney’s other signature dish, a “brick” of crispy French-fried onions.

Hackney's rates a 3.5 out of 5 on Yelp. Kind of a surprise considering its iconic and historic status by LoveFood.

However, Katie L. says "Delicious burger, yummy fries, patio shaded by giant trees? Sign me up!" but John S. mentioned "Lousy food, small portions, and service Restaurant Rescue typically sees." Yikes!

If you want to try it for yourself to see if it really is Illinois' "Most Iconic and Historic" burger, Hackney's on Harms is located at 1241 Harms Road in Glenview.

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