If you've been clamoring for a delicious In-N-Out burger while living in Rockford, it's going to be a while.

From the way its sounds, there's a very good chance an In-N-Out never comes to Rockford.

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Yesterday, while reading why Culver's is better than In-N-Out on The Takeout, I stumbled upon this nugget:

...the chain won’t expand this far east, because it doesn’t want any of its restaurants to be more than 300 miles away from its patty-making facilities, which... is fair. Gotta love that stubborn commitment to quality.

The stubbornness of In-N-Out doesn't end there either. According to their website, they "don’t even own a microwave or freezer."

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So what you're saying everything has to be fresh? Actually, it sounds like a good business model.

In-N-Out's "We keep everything fresh" mantra isn't the only reason why you'll never see one in Rockford, or Illinois for that matter probably ever.

Readers Digest:

...limiting locations of the fast-food restaurant also minimizes competition while giving the chain an exclusive appeal.

Ah, the good ole, "scarcity model." Again, that makes sense too. Remember years ago, people clamoring for Krispy Kreme to come to Rockford? When they did, people didn't care, so they took their glazed donuts and went home.

Maybe making something like a delicious burger more of a challenge to eat or creating a restaurant like it's a trip destination is the real way to go.

Too bad really. I would love to see an In-N-Out show up in Rockford. That's fine though. California, Colorado, & Texas you can have your In-N-Out's and we here in the midwest will just keep our Culver's.

After all, their food is better anyway.

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