There was a time when I would order the biggest meal you've ever seen from this fast food joint.

That was then, and matter of fact, they pulled it off the menu. Probably because the overall amount of food was more than likely too much all at once.

So they pared it down a bit but still offer the same goodness, just in a smaller serving.

That is if you consider any burger from Culver's "small." Remember the Butter Burger Deluxe Basket? That's what I used to go in on from Culver's, like, all the time.

Speaking of Culver's they made an announcement burger fans big and small are rejoicing over.

The beloved Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger is coming back to the menu for the first time since 2017, albeit for a limited time only.

What exactly is the Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger?


Three kinds of Wisconsin cheese–Cheddar, American and Havarti–with our roasted garlic aioli. All served on a cheddar cheese bun.

Pair that with a handful or two (or twenty) cheese curds and you've got a match made in cheesy burger heaven.

That said, The Report of the Week did a review on the burger and things didn't go well.

What does he know anyway? Because The Endorsement on YouTube had other thoughts.

So good or bad, you probably need to try it. There are over 100 different Culver's locations in Illinois but get there fast.

ChewBoom says the Wisconsin Big Cheese Pub Burger will be on menus only until August 7.

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