It's alright Bear fans, he can't hurt you anymore. 

I remember when Marc Trestman was named head coach of the Chicago Bears. The year was 2013 and the Bears had just parted ways with the very popular Lovie Smith (who is now bringing the University of Illinois football program back to respectability) and I was actually pretty excited about the hire.

We didn't know much about Trestman other than he had some success in the CFL and had a unique offensive mind. It was a radical departure from Lovie, but at the time I was excited about this "out of the box" hire by the Bears.

Then we saw what transpired on the field and let's just say that it wasn't great.

Trestman went 8-8 during his first season and 5-11 in his second. There would be no third season.

I want to stop here and say that EVERYONE I've ever talked to that had an interaction with Trestman had nothing but kind words for him. Truly one of the very best guys in the business.

But... I looks like he really doesn't have much business being the head coach of a professional team.

That video from above is from a halftime speech where his team was down 17-0. I don't need fire and brimstone from my coach everytime he opens his mouth but a little passion would be nice once in a while.

Here's his postgame presser:

To be honest, I'm not even sure what he said because I kept dozing off.

Good luck Tampa!

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