Things just don't seem to every fall Darvish's way. 

The Cubs (paid like an) ace pitcher has had a rocky start to his Cub's career. An injury kept him out of action most of last year and when he did pitch it wasn't very good. He thought the whole city of Chicago hated him (kinda true) and seemed destined to become a huge bust in a Cubs uniform.

Fast forward to this year and Darvish has a new outlook. He's pitching better, has a better relationship with the media, and just seemed a lot more comfortable.

Then his neighbors sue him. Dude can't catch a break.

ChicagoTribune - Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Yu Darvish and his wife, Seiko, in late March were sued by a neighboring couple in Evanston for recently installing a solid wood cedar fence that blocks those neighbors’ views of Lake Michigan

It's a tale as old as time. Guy buys mansion on Lake Michigan. Wants to put up a fence for some privacy. Seems to go through all the correct channels to get fence approved. Super rich neighbors sue you because of an ordinance from the 40s which says that they have the right to an unobstructed view of the lake. Heard it 1000 times.

In all honesty, after reading that article the Eylers (the super-rich couple in the previous paragraph) have a legitime gripe. If you pay that much money for a house with a view of the lake, you'd like to keep that view. It just seems a bit petty at this point.

You'd think that neighbors of those kinds of means could settle something without bringing lawyers into the mix but that's not the country we live in.

Hopefully, this doesn't weigh too much on Darvish's psyche. He's just starting to get better and he's on the payroll for a few more years. We (Cub fans) need Yu at his best. He should offer the Eylers season tickets and call it even.


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