Yu Darvish should teach a class on how athletes should use Twitter.

A little background first.

Earlier this week, Cubs writer and general curmudgeon, Paul Sullivan, wrote an article asking Darvish to stay off Twitter and referred to Darvish as being "thin-skinned."

Roughly 24 hours after that article was published, Yu came down from the clouds with a funny tweet that pokes fun at the people that used to barbeque him.

If you aren't fully caught up with baseball here's what happened since 2017:

  • Yu Darvish gets LIT UP in Game 7 of the World Series against the Astros when he was with the Dodgers and essential "blows" the World Series for LA.
  • The entire city of LA goes after him. The most frequent barb is when people call him Yu "Garbage" instead of Yu Darvish. Real original stuff.
  • Houston gets caught for cheating during the World Series
  • Yu jokes that if LA is now the defacto 2017 champs, they should have a parade and he would like to wear a Yu "Garbage" jersey.

That's pretty funny for anyone. For an athlete that is tweeting in their second language, that's Seinfeld level humor.

I have never done a 180 on a player quite like I have with Yu Darvish. I was among the litany of Cub fans that considered Darvish a bust in his first year and change with the Cubs. He was fragile, both mentally and physically, and the Cubs had basically missed big on one of their big free-agent contracts.

Then Yu went and totally redeemed himself.

Just when you thought this couldn't get any better, his wife chimes in with a really sweet comment.

The Darvishes are pretty amazing people, can't wait for them to make it back to Chicago.


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