July 1st has come and gone, and Illinois residents, still have their landline phones, for now. However, things could soon change.

Last month, we reported on a bill that if, it went into effect, would allow landline phone companies, like AT&T, to discontinue offering landline service, in the state of Illinois. The bill, was vetoed by the governor, but overridden by Illinois legislature  and is now the law of the land.

As of July 1st, AT&T, if they wanted to do so, could stop offering landline phone service. 1.2 million Illinois customers still use AT&T's residential landline service.

When the story broke last month, people were furious and they concerned about the elderly population of Illinois, who don't use cell phones, but instead rely on their landline phones. to switch over to cell phone usage.

People took to social media to ex[press their outrage:

Ericka Schilling posted: "Do I really see my 96-year-old grandmother learning how to use a cell phone? No. She is recovering from a stroke and has days where she can hardly use her landline phone. This would be a disaster for her"

Pam Richards-Guzman posted: "The dumb ideas the state reps come up with never surprise me anymore. Just trying to take away another right people have. Idk about anyone else but if I'm home and my cell phone is dead, in an emergency then I'm using the landline to call for help!"

The good news for landline owners is that AT&T will not be shutting down service anytime soon. According to a published report, AT&T released a statement saying:


 “It's important for our Illinois customers to know that traditional landline phone service from AT&T is not going away anytime soon”

How did your Rockford Legislators vote on the getting rid of landline service? Yes = In favor, No = Against

HOUSE MEMBERS (Note all are up for re-election in Spring of 2018)


  • Dave Syverson (R – Rockford): Voted YES
  • Tim Bivens (R) - Dixon: Voted YES
  • Steve Stadelman (D Rockford): Voted: YES
  • Pamela Althoff (R - McHenry) Voted YES


If you are unhappy with how your legislators voted. contact them. It should be noted that if AT&T does decide to stop offering landline service is MUST give customers 60 days notice, by law.





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