Congrats to the Winnebago Girl's Basketball team for winning this week's Winter Team of the Week. They will be receiving $100 Visa gift card for their program courtesy of Rock Valley College.

The Lady Indians continued their very impressive season with a win over Auburn, one of the top teams in the NIC-10 and a close road win over Lutheran.

Winnebago currently stands at 29-2 on the season and seem primed to make a deep postseason run.

Did your team have a great week? Do they deserve the $100 weekly prize? If so nominate them below and then vote for them when the poll is released on Monday.


Before we get to the details. A HUGE thank you goes out to Rock Valley College for sponsoring this and helping us get this program off the ground.

So, who is eligible to enter the contest?
Literally any area high school team that is participating in an IHSA sanctioned sport.

That includes:

Boys and Girls Basketball
Boys and Girls Bowling
Competitive Cheerleading
Competitive Dance
Boys Swimming and Diving
How does the contest work?
Great question. We will take nominations over each weekend starting today. On Monday, we will go through the nominations and select our finalists. Then on Monday a post will go up on where fans and supporters can go and vote for their team through midnight that Thursday. On Friday we will announce the winner during the morning show.

Rinse and repeat through the rest of the season. We will take a 2 week break for Christmas and the final weekly winner will be for the week of February 28th- March 2nd. The $500 winner will be voted on the following week.

How do I submit a team?
Another excellent question. Each week, we will put up a new post with a submission form. The one below is for this week's contest. You have until Sunday night to nominate your team. We will put up a poll on Monday and announce the winner on Friday. Then we do the whole thing over again starting next week.

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