In the interests of full disclosure, I'd like to go on the record as saying I have no problem with Jennifer Aniston. She's talented, funny, beautiful, and has lots and lots of money. Does she have more money than me? Absolutely. Tons more. Can she afford to do things that I will never be able to afford? She sure can, yet I still can't summon up the energy to be angry about it.

I think that most of us feel that way about her, or anyone else who has had a life of good fortune. That's why I was shaking my head yesterday when I read the comments of people on social media who are very upset about...this commercial:

The commercial is for Emirates Airline, a UAE based carrier. According to Fox News:

Emirates says it spent $20 million on the spot, and it will be first be screened in the U.S. before being rolled out across Europe in 30 and 60 second versions, reports Bloomberg.

Though the ad is meant to be humorous, it’s struck a nerve with many YouTube users who point out that few travelers could actually afford the lavish experience depicted in the commercial. A round trip, First Class ticket from New York’s John F. Kennedy to Dubai starts around $25,000.

"im glad she acknowledges her privilege. being poor is such a nightmare. ah, someday i too will take a shower in the sky," wrote Ani0227.

"GYAAAAAAAAH STOP IT PLEASE!! No more economy class! Make it stop!" wrote 113Robinho.

"yeah, only Jennifer Aniston and other rich elites can afford Premium First Class tickets with the shower - the rest sit in cattle class although A-380 economy is better than most," said Mark Byron.

Many others have no problems with the airline's pitch, saying that they wish they could fly like that, and others who chimed in with their own experiences, saying their treatment aboard Emirates was an outstanding part of their trip.

One of my co-workers had a small problem with one part of the commercial. "I won't believe that there's a shower on that plane until I see Jennifer Aniston using it," was his quote.

Good luck on that one.

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