As if working the "hot corner" weren't difficult enough, the reigning National League MVP recently spent some time handling some grounders at 3rd base. Just to make it fun, the baseballs were on fire. Literally.

No, it's not some revolutionary new training routine hatched from the fertile mind of Joe Maddon, but instead it turns out that it's for--I know you'll be stunned--a Red Bull commercial.

Take a look:

According to the folks at Red Bull:

Even though Mom always said not to play with fire, that’s exactly what reigning MVP and World Series hero Kris Bryant did for an epic set of photos and video for RedBull to showcase the talent and bravery it takes to play third base in the big leagues. Gasoline was poured onto baseballs and blow-torched before Bryant snagged them at third base, which has historically been referred to as the “Hot Corner” because balls get smoked that way at speeds up to 125 mph.

For those fans who are clutching at their pearls at the thought of the Cubs golden boy risking life and limb for a TV spot while the team is in a desperate fight for their division, don't worry:

Bryant wore flameproof Adidas Nomex underpants and a long-sleeve shirt that actively pushed heat and sweat away from his body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels and fabrics that allow air to circulate close to the skin. Full disclosure: His Rawlings glove was toasted pretty good!

And really, it was far less dangerous than what he did in February of last year:

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