The Chicago Cubs are *literally* the hottest team in the National League right now. They're undefeated since returning from the All-Star break and just won their 6th game in a row, beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-2 in front of a nearly sold out crowd on a Tuesday afternoon in July.

Normally, the ballpark would be buzzing after a good win to extend a season-long winning streak, but that wasn't the case Tuesday afternoon. It wasn't your usual Tuesday afternoon game. The Cubs draw well, way better than their record should dictate, but Wrigley was more crowded than usual for a Tuesday afternoon game in July.

The occasion? The probable last home games as Cubs for Willson Contreras and Ian Happ.

If you're reading this, you probably are already familiar with the future fates of the two beloved Cubs. They most certainly will not be Cubs after the August 2nd deadline, even though they both desperately want to stay.

The emotions started right away in the first inning when Contreras came up to bat and received his first standing ovation of the afternoon.

Then he received his second standing ovation in the 7th inning, in what appeared to be his final at bat as a Cub in Wrigley Field.

The Cubs would go on to win the contest and the handshake line amongst the team got a little emotional with everyone giving Contreras their own personal goodbye.

And the whole ordeal ended with Contreras and Happ having an emotional embrace in the Cubs dugout. The last two players not in the clubhouse, obviously not wanting to leave.

To quote pretty much every Cub fan watching this, "I'm not crying, you're crying."

It stinks when we allow sports to effect us so much we feel sad. It's the price sport fans make when they decide to invest emotions into a group of men playing a game. But it's also what makes following sports so much fun.

Good luck to Willson and Ian, wherever the next part of their journey takes them.

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