12 million people have watched Google's commercial online, and another 100 million or more saw it last night during the Superbowl.

And, chances are, Google's "Loretta" advertisement brought you to tears.

Unlike the Apple commercial that ran during the holidays about the grandchildren who make a video for their grandfather that featured his late wife, the man you hear speaking and the woman in the series of photographs are real people:

If you don’t want to cry at your desk, you might want to skip watching Google’s new ad for the Super Bowl.

The beginning of the ad starts with a man asking Google “how to not forget” in an attempt to keep the memory of his late wife alive.

The rest of the ad showcases the real story of a Google employee’s grandfather and his life with his wife.

Officials say the employee’s grandfather even lent his voice for the advertisement.

If you do wish to cry at your desk (or wherever you may be), here's the ad:

Speaking of the Apple commercial (it's titled "The Surprise"), this one's drawn a few views, as well. Nearly 25 million:

Tech companies. Taking our money and making us cry.

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