Having lived in Rockford and the Rockford area for my entire life, I couldn't pry my eyes off the link that alert WROK Morning Show Listener Mike sent me earlier this morning. The link took me to a video, and the video, featuring Rockford TV commercials from around 1980, threw me into a time warp.

Depending on how long you've been in the area, you may have a similar reaction. This 7 minute video give you a look at stores and styles that you probably haven't seen in years. Some of the merchants in the video are still around, and still doing business, but others have been out of Rockford's consciousness for a long, long time.

Do you remember shopping at:

  • Bergner-Weise
  • Anything Wood Waterbeds
  • Martin Gustafson's
  • Comay Jewelers
  • Prange's
  • Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet
  • The Willing Men of Olds
  • The Bedroom
  • Wolf Chevrolet
  • Rockford Furniture Mart
  • Johnson's Appliance and TV Centers
  • Knight's Armor
  • Command Performance
  • DJ Stewart
  • The Grate Place

If so, this should get the memories flowing. If not, I'm sure you enjoyed similar pitches from your local merchants:


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