Check Out the Oldest Film Footage of Chicago
Yesterday, on "Throwback Thursday," we took a look at some vintage film of Rockford in the 1940s that was set to the accordion music of Mike Alongi. Today, we go even farther back in time with footage of Chicago that goes all the way back to the 1890s.
First Trip To Toad Hall
If you're a long-time Rockford or Rockford-area resident, you're probably familiar with Toad Hall. Shortly after starting here at WROK (back in the day when we still played music, and some of it from vinyl), my old friend, and long-time on-air personality Chuck Doyle took me over to Toad Hall to stock up on a bunch of music for our oldies show, The Saturday Night Cruise.
Do You Remember These Rockford Commercials?
Having lived in Rockford and the Rockford area for my entire life, I couldn't pry my eyes off the link that alert WROK Morning Show Listener Mike sent me earlier this morning. The link took me to a video, and the video, featuring Rockford TV commercials from around 1980, threw me into a time warp.
Before Ninja Turtles, We Had Parachuting Beavers
Did someone call for a "para-beaver?" Yes, actually they did. Back in the day (the 1940s and 1950s), it seems that parts of Idaho experienced a glut of beavers and muskrats. The Idaho Fish and Game commission got the bright idea that relocating these fur-bearing creatures would solve the problem...

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